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"People are not broken and they don't need fixing"


Generally it's the unconscious internal thought patterns or strategies that a person is running, which is not helping


We can help people change them to produce a better more positive behaviour or way of thinking


1000s of people have benefited from these powerful techniques and now it's your turn


"Take action now"

Call me now on:

07973 386639

Your Calm Coaching Federation of GB 

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 Meet the trainers 

  Mick McEvoy is Your Calm Coach and trainer

He is the founder and Chairman of The Calm Coaching Federation of Great Britain, an  NLP/Hypnotherapy, Coaching and Training Organisations that offers a series of courses, trainings, and 'one to one' coaching and therapy programs, which help people enjoy a better quality of life plus he is also the co-founder and partner of the NLP in Golf an organisation offering the WGTF golf coaches a series of events, courses and trainings


 Mick has trained with one of the grand masters and pioneers of NLP, Dr Wyatt Woodsmall, and has been certified by INLPTA (International Neuro Linguistic Programming Trainers Association) as a fully qualified Master and Trainer of NLP, and is recognised by the GHR, GHSC (General Hypnotherapy Standards Council) of Great Britain, and the International PBH (Professional Board of Hypnotherapists) as a qualified Hypnotherapist and Trainer of hypnosis


He is also a qualified Practitioner in Time Line Therapy and practices EMO Trance,  EFT and EMDR.  He is one of the few trainers in the country that can teach and qualify others in hypnosis, to a level where they can successfully help people to change deep routed habits/behaviours like smoking, or to make other permanent emotional life changes

Paul Hull is Your Calm Coach and trainer


Is an educational and management consultant and trainer with operational line management experience within education and the private sector. He has held key roles in developing the quality of both individuals and curriculum areas over 12 years in Further Education. As a recognised Teaching and Learning Leader he mentored new staff and coached existing staff in teaching & learning practice. As Programme Coordinator and Curriculum Leader he supported colleagues and lead in the development of cross curriculum sharing good practice.  After his appointment as Curriculum Manager his area of responsibility rose from grade 4 to grade 2 within 3 months. The emphasis was on support and sharing good teaching and learning practice.


He has BA (Honours) Psychology and qualified as a Neuro Linguistic Programmer and Hypnotherapist to enhance the support work he carries out with teams and individuals on performance targets, motivation and change management.

He currently provides consultancy in F.E and training in coaching, and mentoring skills and high quality teaching and management skills.

His particular areas of interest include: motivation, performance management and change coaching. He has been involved in Education and Training for over 12 years. Previous to this he was involved in Sales and Management for several blue chip companies. He consults and trains at all levels and coaches many clients on a 1:1 basis. He runs training sessions in house; specific to clients needs using NLP strategies to facilitate positive change.

.........."If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always got".......... Do something different today, give us a call and change your life


North London, Borehamwood,

Mobile: 07973 386639



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